April 21 , 2008

Sea Scoundrels can now be downloaded for free as a 82.5mb zip archive. Follow the "Sea Scoundrels" download link via the main section of the website to get your copy today!

Sea Scoundrels (2008)
01 - Where Did You Go?
02 - Sea Scoundrels
03 - Walk Away
04 - Help
05 - Plasticism
06 - The Lake House
07 - On A Warm Summer's Day
08 - Nation Of Shoplifters
09 - Dreams Come True
10 - Under The Stars
11 - Explain
12 - The World Is Upside Down

(Running Time: 47 Minutes 33 Seconds)

Make sure you keep an eye on the Albatross myspace page (link) for other goodies that may be posted there, such as unreleased tracks from the album and much more.

Well it's been a long and somewhat tedious process, with various delays and whatnot, but the album is finally out there for you to enjoy. Happy listening and see you all in the near future!

Thankyou xo ,


March 27 , 2008

The website is finally up and running, and the new album artwork is complete.

The album will be titled Sea Scoundrels and will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from this website from mid-April (date TBA). Nothing more is known about the album at this time.

Sea Scoundrels is currently under the mixing stage and will then be mastered, after which will be available here, online. Keep checking the myspace page (link) for any little audio goodies that may be posted there.